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Specializing in Injury Rehabilitation, Recovery, and Structural Bodywork

Our Commitment to You

Relaxing Restorations Massage Therapy is committed to providing you with the highest level of quality care without asking you to pay more. Here's our commitment to you...

  • Full Scheduled Session; Actual bodywork will be for the full amount of time scheduled - enough time is built in before and after sessions to ensure you don’t feel rushed and there is plenty of time to discuss what your goals are and how we will accomplish them.
  • Affordable; Massage is competitively priced without you having to purchase a membership or sign contracts with long-term commitments.
  • Complete Customization & Comfort; Every session includes your choice of pressure/massage technique, essential oil for aromatherapy benefits, music and table temperature - all for no extra cost.
  • Short-Term Relief; Immediately after every session, you will feel less tension, less pain and feel more rejuvenated and relaxed. Therapeutic techniques are non-invasive and rarely result in soreness or extreme discomfort in the days following.
  • Long-Term Relief; Specializing in injury rehabilitation and improved posture leaves you with increased range of motion and relief from chronic pain and tension.
  • Education; One of the most important things about a bodywork treatment plan is education about the pain and dysfunction you’re experiencing and how to best take care of yourself to enhance results and maintain the results we accomplish in every massage.

Clients feel better with every session and experience progress with the treatment plan we create together. Chronic pain, headaches, sciatic pain, limited movement and more - can all be alleviated/corrected with each session. You'll experience more freedom of movement and feel like new again after every massage.

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